03/20/15 (Updated)

AJ McCarron's mother Dee Dee Bonner

It takes a lot to overshadow AJ McCarron. AJ is after all the starting QB on the Alabama Crimson Tide and helped guide the team to the 2012 National Championship. Yet one person has found a way to be bigger and dare I say more popular than AJ. That person would be non other than.......... AJ McCarron's mother Dee Dee Bonner.

We've talked about this before but covering and writing about someone's mother isn't something we are too keen on. For some reason it feels wrong to write a tasteless post about someone's mother. So when we do you decide to post about an athletes mother you know it has to be special and Dee Dee is the definition of special. Would anyone argue that Dee Dee more than holds her own against an WAG we have on this site. I tried to come up with another athlete's mother who we could compare Dee Dee to and really there is no one that can touch her. Actually the only mother I could come up with would even be in the same conversation as Dee Dee isn't even sports related. Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mallette is the only mother who is in the same league as Dee Dee.

Not hard to realize that Dee Dee isn't your typical college football mom. She's only 42 which by my math means she had AJ when she was 20. Dee Dee and her first husband, AJ's dad Tony, divorced in the 1990's. Dee Dee did remarry after her divorce from Tony to one lucky guy named Derek. As if Dee Dee wasn't already the world's greatest mother she is also extremely active on Twitter under the handle @DeeDeeBonner. The good news for every guy that watches college football is AJ announced he is coming back for his senior year. That means another year of Dee Dee Bonner related articles and posts! Before AJ hits his senior year he has a chance to win back-to-back BCS titles when he takes on Notre Dame. The big question for me is who will get more coverage in the week leading up to the title game, AJ or his mother?

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8 Responses to “AJ McCarron's mother Dee Dee Bonner”

  1. BamaBound

    I love my team Roll Tide Roll! And thank you for this article on her PW.

  2. Vinnie

    What a knockout! Being from Pennsylvania I've never been a fan of Alabama or the SEC until now. Remember some great Penn State vs Alabama matchups. Would have rooted for Bama with lookers like this and will root for them from now on. Made me watch the blowout until the end just hoping for one more glimpse. Love to see you in Pittsburgh sometime. "Roll Tide"!

  3. Vic

    "Roll Tide". "Real Southern Belle" Wow!

  4. Barton

    She is very attractive! Whatever she's doing she has no reason to stop. IT's WORKING!

  5. chuck johnson

    A J, yo' mama is a pig.

  6. Bruce McLeod, Jr.

    Dee Dee, an apology was not needed. Your timely comment has created a firestorm. I am an 80 year old African-American and I have voiced the same question for over 30 years. I think coaches have an obligation to see that their players are well-versed in English as well as other courses in their curriculum. As a starter, a course in "speech" would be advantageous for some. I also realize that the home environment plays a part in their speech patterns as well as idioms that are favored. These comments are not intended to demean or portray some athletes as being stupid, but to emphasize the importance of, and the difference between, English grammar and effective vernacular that is part of the "mainstream" and English and shibboleths that are common and acceptable in their environment.

    Football and other athletic events are an intricate part of the college program. Academics trumps athletics. High profile athletes represent their university when besieged by the media. Their conduct on and off the playing field should exemplify the mantra that " A mind is a terrible thing to waste".

    I applaud your concerns.

    Bruce E. McLeod, Jr.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  7. Douglas vines

    I am so glad that we had aj what ever these people say about him we would have never made two championships with out aj he is verry talented I wish I could have met him because I rooted for him win or lose I was so sad that we didn't make three in a row but we would have never had two if it wasn't for him tell him I will root for him no matter were aj goes I really wished I could tell him good luck in the nfl.

  8. Beach Bum

    What a BEEYOTCH. She enjoyed the limelight when her son won national titles but when he's not in the championship game she wants to rain on someone else's parade? What's up with that? She should've shut her trap and allowed Winston to enjoy his moment in the sun - just as Winston's parents allowed AJ to enjoy HIS moment.