07/14/14 (Updated)

AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb

UPDATE 07/14/2014 New Bengals QB AJ McCarron wanted to start his NFL career the right way. Marry up with the hottest chick south of the Mason Dixon.

AJ McCarron's wife Katherine Webb strolled down the aisle in front of family and friends to officially lock this relationship up. The woman who rose to fame due to a randy Brent Musberger, has enjoyed her time in the SEC sun from the notoriety associated with dating the biggest college QB since Tebow. While her career eclipsed the concept of a college WAG, she now takes her place among the rank and file of the professional NFL QB wife and girlfriend with style and flair.

Congratulations to the McCarron family.

UPDATE 03/28/2014 Despite months of rumors saying that AJ McCarron and suddenly very famous girlfriend Katherine Webb had been riding the on again - off again roller coaster, it looks like we finally have a much clearer indication.

AJ McCarron is now engaged to Katherine Webb.

The Alabama QB who is still 2 months away from officially having an employer is being reported to have dropped some major change on a ring that he helped design himself. Webb and AJ McCarron's mother Dee Dee Bonner took to Twitter to let the world know that the crazy famous couple decided they want to do this thing forever. No word on a wedding date or plans as of yet, but you can bet she'll be plastered all over NFL Network during draft coverage in May.

With all the fans and fanfare that Webb has seen, it will be interesting to see whether the Southern Belle will take the McCarron name.

AJ McCarron has quickly taken over as the face of Alabama football (Nick Saban not included). After leading the Crimson Tide to a National Title in his sophomore year, McCarron has his team back in the National Title game in his junior year. As the resident demi-God of Mobile Bay, it would be easy to assume that McCarron would loathe anything to come from 'Bama's greatest rival in Auburn.

However, AJ McCarron's girlfriend Katherine Webb might be the one thing to make any athlete forget his rivalry. McCarron has recently begun dating Webb, Miss Alabama 2012 who happens to be an Auburn alum(or is she an Auburn alum who happens to be Miss Alabama 2012). Busted Coverage is one of the first to break this story, leaning most heavily on Twitter evidence; including a very 'close' photo taken together on Christmas Eve, Webb noting that she will be attending the BCS title game with the whole McCarron family, and the Auburn alum actually saying, "#RollTide.' Webb is currently employed by fast food giant of the South, Chick-Fil-A as a director of training.

The more we learn about AJ McCarron, the more similarities we draw to Johnny Manziel. We're not talking about their skill set on the field necessarily, but look at them off the field:
- Both QB's are the king's of their respective campuses.
- Both Johnny Manziel's girlfriend and AJ McCarron's girlfriend are absurdly hot.
- Both AJ McCarron's mother and Johnny Manziel's mother have made themselves the topic of plenty of interest both in the crowds, in the TV landscape and most popularly in the blogosphere.
- Both have put together one hell of a college career.

So here's the question,.... what wins out? A Heisman, or a national title? Does a second national title push it over the edge? AJ McCarron vs. Johnny Manziel. Katherine Webb vs. Sarah Savage. Heisman vs. National Title. Who ya got?

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  1. John

    If she isn't the hottest WAG here someone needs to point us in the direction of who is. She is so hot her clothes have to be made of fire proof material. I'll bet when she takes a dump it smells like roses! If his NFL Career (assuming he has one - a big IF) is anything like her looks he is a 1st Ballot HOFer. Congrats A.J. - big time congrats. NO CHANCE they get married, though - NONE