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Tito Ortiz's girlfriend Jenna Jameson

UPDATE: 06-30-2011: Apparently someone took Tito's phone and tweeted a naked picture of him to everyone that was stored in it. Suuuurrreeeee Tito. Whatever you say. If you want to check out Tito's dong go Google search for the picture. We are a very reputable news source and would never post naked pictures of anyone... or would we?
05-30-2011: Looks like there is trouble in paradise between Tito Ortiz and his girlfriend Jenna Jameson. The two took to Twitter (wow, say that ten times fast) this weekend to air their dirty laundry. From what we can gather from their Twitter ramblings, Tito thinks Jenna did something (likely with another dude) and she is denying anything happened and professing her innocence.

The main posts you need to see:
@titoortiz: Ok im done talking about this shit. I found some shit out that happen from a few friends. First time my bad ,second her bad ,third I should of believe the first time. Will find someone who respects and supports me. Life will go on! I will stay strong.
@jennajameson: I want the real @titoortiz back. He used to be loving, I get how a lot of you think I'm garbage, but he's me babies daddy, and I love him

Tito, honestly, what did you expect getting together with a FRIGGIN PORN STAR? Get over it, move on and worry about the two kids. Tito has a fight against against Ryan Bader at UFC 132 in just under a month and this doesn't bode well for that at all.

Tito Ortiz and girlfriend Jenna Jameson began dating in 2006. Together they have twin sons, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jett, born April, 2009. They have publicly stated that they have no plans for marriage. Shortly after Ortiz and Jameson began dating, Ortiz cancelled an appearance he was scheduled to make for the United States Marine Corps, because he was not allowed to take Jameson as his guest. Apparently the USMC didn't particularly enjoy Jameson's chosen line of work(which if you don't know by now is some pretty hardcore, pretty awesome porno). As a matter of fact, Jameson has appeared in over 100 adult films in her 10+ years in the business prior to her 2006 retirement from porn. Apparently her definition of porn extended to films, as she recently posed naked for Playboy, and for a PETA ad campaign only 4 months after giving birth to twins.

Jenna has won more than 30 industry awards for her film work, as well as being added to Adult Star Path in Edison, New Jersey.
Yes, there is such a thing as an Adult Star Path. Seriously.

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