03/20/15 (Updated)

Joe Rogan's girlfriend (ex) Lakana Zee

Gentlemen.... I have seen the light. And her name is Lakana Zee. This girl should have been in Lord of the Rings because she is the girl to rule them all. HOLY CHRIST! I mean is this girl hot or is this girl hot? I feel like I'm not supposed to stare at her pics because it will hurt my eyes or something. She is dominating on all levels. She has to be up for vote in the hottest MMA wife/girlfriend category! How could you keep her out of it?

Well here's one way: She's not with Joe Rogan anymore. Back in 2007 rumors were rampant that Joe Rogan's girlfriend was Lakana Zee. Since Joe is relatively guarded over his private life, it was never truly confirmed whether or not they were together or not. We are well aware that Joe is now married to a woman whom he had a baby with. I swear that we have plans to cover Joe's wife eventually, but honestly... Lakana Zee is so hot that I couldn't resist posting her pics. I mean when are you not going to post a hot Thai chick with cool tattoos on PlayerWives?

Joe Rogan is a comedian, actor, activist, writer, the host of NBC's Fear Factor, and one of two commentators for all UFC events. Joe Rogan pretty much has the coolest job in my opinion. He gets to attend all UFC events all over the world and commentate during the live broadcasts. On top of that from 2001 to 2006 he use to host the show Fear Factor on NBC. Fear Factor is making a comeback and Joe Rogan will be hosting the revived series once again. It debuts on Monday December 12, 2011 on NBC. You going to watch? Here's Joe...

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8 Responses to “Joe Rogan's girlfriend (ex) Lakana Zee”

  1. John

    She has a nice face but all the Tatts ruin it for me. I gave her a "1" because of all the Tatts

  2. Gorky

    Wow, I didn't know Joe likes Ladyboys.

  3. B Goode.

    Both John and Gorky are either jealous or faggots(most likely both) judging by their responses. This chick is hot as fuck.
    Mad props to Joe

  4. KL

    She is smoking hot.. Nice one Joe.

  5. joe washington

    I agree with the sheman post shes gross...sorry but it's true and her tattoos off tigers look exactly like angelina jolies so she seems fake to me also but whatevs

  6. Father Jack

    I am surprised that Joe would be attracted by someone who has had surgery to look like they do. Would he want his kids to get breast implants?

  7. john

    Is that an adam's apple ?

  8. Thai lover

    I love Thai girls in Thailand.
    Most American Thais are filth, horrible people!
    That goes for most Asians that come here.