12/01/11 (Updated)

Georges St Pierre's girlfriends (or whatever you want to call them)

OK we all know who Georges St. Pierre is....well most of us anyway except for the few that have been socially inactive and hiding in their mom's basement. ::cough cough thinds:: GSP has been literally destroying the Welterweight division in the UFC for years now. Not only that...but he gets spotted with some of the hottest chicks the human race has to offer. We never really know for sure who is Georges St. Pierre's girlfriend only because he is so secretive about it all the time. But I couldn't let PW go on any further without mentioning the ass that GSP constantly gets. Sorry. So maybe I broke a PW rule. Whatever. I bet you're reading this post because you think I'm a funny guy. Funny how? Like a clown funny? Like I'm here for your enjoyment funny?

Georges St. Pierre is the welterweight champ for the UFC for many years now. He is arguably the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world. But if you ask me he's number 2 behind Anderson Silva. Sorry all you GSP nut huggers. Its true. And if you disagree... eat me. I posted a couple picks of past victims of GSP. Take a look at Josh Koscheck's broken right orbital bone. GSP gave Kos a boxing clinic that night. Then look at Jon Fitch's face which was obliterated by GSP. Somehow Jon Fitch still attended the post fight press conference which is where that photo was taken. Then take a look at the gif of GSP just straight up dominating Jon Fitch. Wow is all I have to say. Dude beats people up and bangs hot chicks. Sold.

GSP is defending his title against Carlos Condit at UFC 137 on October 29th. I'm personally hoping Condit KO's GSP. I'm a big fan of the Natural Born Killer Carlos Condit. Condit is fully capable of winning. He is a master on the ground so he isn't afraid to stand and bang with the best of them. Ask Dan Hardy! OHHHHHHH sorry Elizabeth! lol

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30 Responses to “Georges St Pierre's girlfriends (or whatever you want to call them)”

  1. GC

    Two of those photos are fan photos. The one picture with the girl in the white bathing suit on the orange lounge. is a model who did a photoshoot with him.

  2. ilovegeorges

    I'm a black girl pick me!pick me! the fact that he likes black women makes my day!!!!!!

  3. RU Crazy

    You can see a video of her on youtube. Look for "Georges St Pierre and girlfriend." Funny as hell!

  4. Katiea

    people need 2 let his private life be that. He doesnt need to be worried about protecting this woman's identity with all his other stress. He can be emotionally unstable even in top physical condition. She is still in VA when he needs her in Montreal.

  5. Kanisha

    How do you people think you "know" who he is "in love" with LOL. Get over yourselves! George I'm single!

  6. 411guy

    Hey How'd the Prediction go?

  7. Rudy

    Consolation indeed and that is all. When the one you want is with someone else he would look like a punk waiting and waiting.

  8. Tonya

    Chances are noone will find out who she is. She is protected inconspicuously around the clock. I know who she is and she can whoop some major ass on her own but noone will ever get close enough.

  9. Kimberkashion

    Ummmm the most beautiful girls the world has produced? R we looking at the same photos?

  10. Well...

    LMAO at last comment! Couldn't agree more...but they look a hell of a lot better than his London chick Lucy Onyeforo lol.

  11. Tracy

    So where did all the info about the Virginia woman go? Expose too much for the private GSP?

  12. Paul

    It is NOONES business

  13. Me

    @Tracy, yeah I'm wondering the same thing. Haven't heard or seen much about this married chick from Virginia lately. Maybe they quit each other. Lucy Onyeforo seems to be trying to keep herself relevant by sending tweets to Georges trainer Firas all the time and retweeting Georges tweets (which is dumb because Georges admitted someone else does his twitter). She's another side piece, though, because Georges definitely gets his date nights on in Montreal. There was also a Thai girl on twitter who was hanging out with Georges on his recent trip there, and had posted pics...they mysteriously disappeared though. Trust...Georges got all these chickens in check lol.

  14. meh

    Sounds like some lunatic from Virgina was posting about GSP having a girlfriend in Virginia.

    Seems likely to me that Lucy Onyeforo is retweeting Georges 1. to support him vis a vis promoting him in whatever way she can and 2. because she's proud of him and proud of her relationship with him. Why shouldn't she be?

    Also seems likely that Georges never publicly addresses this relationship because the lunatic portion of his fan base will invade her privacy and beat up on her. All you have to do is google her name to figure this out.

  15. Me 2

    That's cause Georges is fine as fizuck and Lucy Onyeforo looks like Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo lol. But whatever floats the boat.

  16. Tracy

    some1 is seriously censoring this site. VA chick is def being hidden from public.

  17. Kristent

    Agree w Tracy..chick is being hidden. He is extremely private about his personal life. If VA chick was single he would be married already. Anybody notice how he has diversified his career to get out of UFC? not an accident.

  18. Christopher

    It all adds up...the major changes in his career. Secrecy about the woman (because she is already married) although a friend of mine said he didn't know until it was too late. The change in his attitude. His circle is so tight no one will know unless he goes public.

  19. No Secret

    Georges has been seen (busted) with that man Lucy Onyeforo for almost 3 years now.

  20. Dur

    Pretty sure he's engaged to the runner. She visits his family in Montreal and whatnot when she's not training herself. Not that it's anyone's business, anyway. If he's happy with her his fans should leave her alone.

  21. GSPfan

    If he has a gf, why is there a video of him grinding/dancing with a chick? Unless that's THE girlfriend.

  22. Dita

    He can not seem to get over VA chick not leaving her husband for him. He has always had "obsession" problems and after 167 he is at best acquired brain damage.

  23. Word?

    So GSP got the Sasquatch Lucy Onyeforo from London pregnant? Can't be, because she's training. Must be some other side piece.

  24. Dita

    My bet is on the VA chick..cant have a catholic kid with a married woman.

  25. Word?

    Well, I would think the married chick would be the one trying to get rid of the baby more than Georges...unless she's one of those ratchets that would try to pass the baby off as her husband's. Anything's possible lol.

  26. Yolan

    UNPLANNNED and UNWANTED by him..totally planned and wanted by a coniving golddigger..kinda woman he hates. Karma..shouldna been runnin round after that married piece

  27. AmelpaLOL

    In LOVE with a married chick from VA? ENGAGE and having the baby to a uk girl? FUNNNYYY!!!! If this is all you bums have to come up with then he is doing a damn good job of keeping his quiet.
    Your trying to fuck him up for what? Jealous? He don't love you? If he hiding her its bcuz if you crazy B**** find out, you put all his dirty laundry out and bring drama to someone he care about. None of them think its more going on, so why do you care? if you do your crazy. " She eat at his house when she she's not training" She live in Europe!!!it Its not serious its when he's alone and its convenient. He's nice guy Georges and he loves women so maybe some get confuse but common, you are really pushing. I never heard that one of them is pregnant and this everyone would hear fast because everyone would talk and Montreal is not that big. Just chill he is trying to get his life together and do the right thing now. L'eave him alone and stop adding problem for nothing.

  28. Justin

    He is human just like the rest of us. Years of taking hits to the head affected his judgement and he uses his wealth to buy privacy for his many trips to see VA chick to try to convince her to come "home"...although she has never been to Quebec..not a rumor. She remains with her family. Even when he injured his knee it was on the same day that chick celebrated her birthday by skydiving..adrenaline junkie..which he had asked her not to do. He started to unravel quickly after he met her while both were briefly in New Jersey. He is a decent guy and did not know she was married until much later and she didn't even know who he or what the UFC was and made it clear she was not interested. She has been followed by lunatics trying to get a story ever since. He needs to retire and rehabilitate. The whole thing and the rampant current rumors are a tragedy and example of what happens when you acquire success and wealth.

  29. Actually, Justin...

    ...this is what happens when you dip your fish hook into somebody else's pond. I'm sure he has no problem getting a chick of his own, but he just had to fall for the married girl, or so people say. I'm still not convinced he's not rocking with Lucy Onyeforo. There are actually pics of the two of them together on vacation last year. Nobody to this day knows what this Virginia bum chick looks like, because there's no photographic evidence.

  30. Trina

    Guess he does need some time away..been nuts as f__ over hitched chick since 3 years back in NJ and couldn't get it. I happened to be @ Newton hotel..scrappy little pretty dark haired chick only in town a day or so for some business...$$$ makes pics disappear like "magic" as soon as they r posted! These are professional athletes with TEAMS looking after this mess...Post Tiger Woods days! Knocked up random piece def shot his chances of getting chick to trade VA for Montreal!