Matthew Berry's wife Beth Berry

The man is on top of the world - The Talented Mr. Roto, Matthew Berry, is now a New York Times Bestselling author, and has made media appearances across the country to promote his book, "A Fantasy Life." While most interviews have focused on the tales between the pages, leave it to Howard Stern to turn to a topic that's truly important - Matthew Berry's wife Beth Berry.

Matthew and Beth Berry met in Connecticut when he began working for ESPN. On the Stern show, Beth said she thought Matthew was working in the digital sports department, and wasn't entirely sure of TMR until their third date. While she does play in a family league, she still doesn't find any interest in fantasy sports. Berry, who speaks passionately about his love for both fantasy sports and his wife, acknowledges that Beth Berry is way out of his league, which is fully supported by the pictures on the right.

Matthew and Beth Berry have five children together, most recently twins in the summer of 2011. Matthew and Beth Berry both work for ESPN.

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3 Responses to “Matthew Berry's wife Beth Berry”

  1. Jon

    TMR is right.........she is waaaaaaaaaaay out of his league but good for him this gives ugly guys everywhere the hope that someday they can marry a babe way out of their league.

  2. Mark

    Rich ugly guys. Poor ugly guys are still out of luck.

  3. Austin

    #1Bam! <3 Have been a fan of his since Jackass first started (didn't watch skate bonidrag or CKY to discover him before hand). He gets so much shit said about him, but he is genuinely one of the nicest guys when it comes to his fans. Always makes sure to send anyone who writes to him back pictures, will autograph what you send him, and his own mom even wrote me back one time. Can't say that for most celebs now days.