04/15/14 (Updated)

Joe Buck's girlfriend Michelle Beisner

UPDATE 04/14/2014: After a little over a year of dating, Joe Buck and Michelle Beisner married over the weekend.

Buck's broadcast partner, Troy Aikman, was in attendance for the small ceremony which took place in Cabo. Joe Buck's wife, Michelle Beisner, is actually his second. Buck's first marriage ended in 2011 (and Buck has two children from that marriage).

A little more than four months until Buck and Beisner are back in our lives with NFL coverage, and it can't get here soon enough. Enjoy the offseason, newlyweds!

I never thought I'd live to see the day where we would be racing to get a post up about Joe Buck's girlfriend Michelle Beisner, but today is our lucky day.

Apparently Mr. Buck has been getting close with former cheerleader for the Broncos and current NFL Network star Michelle Beisner. I'm not all that familiar with Michelle as I don't typically watch the NFL Network (mostly due to Warren Sapp) but sifting through her "work" I can't help but think Joe is way out of his league on this one. Maybe I'm not giving Joe his due credit but I always envisioned Joe as a geek who would call the game and then go home to study the tape to see how he could improve and never really see the light of day. Talking to a female never seemed like Joe's thing IMO. Hell I still can't get enough of Justin Timberlake laying into Joe on live TV during the All-Star game in 2011 and Joe powerless to stop it. (def worth the search to find the video)

As for Joe and Michelle it looks like this relationship got started during Super Bowl week. I have a friend in the media that has covered a few Super Bowls and I only wish I could print some of the things he told me about how the media behaves that week. It's basically a free-for-all and Joe hitting it off with Michelle is simply another story in Super Bowl lore. Now that word on the couple has gone public, I can't wait to see which reporter raises the conflict of interest angle on this relationship. No real conflict of interest here but simply one media member upset he lost out on Michelle Beisner.

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3 Responses to “Joe Buck's girlfriend Michelle Beisner”

  1. Steve

    You guys need to look into Gary Woodland's(PGA) girl. She's been following him non stop at the Barclays in jersey city. I was only able to get a picture from behind once I discovered your website.... My apologies. She may take the cake out of all the PGA wags.

  2. Larry M

    Michelle Beisner would make a good PERMANENT replacement for Nicole Zaloumis on the NFL AM show. She is already on the network's payroll.

    MB seems as bright as she is pretty and she would get along great with the guys.

    NZ seems to make a career out of insulting Mark Kreigel at every opportunity. MB would be a step up for the show.

  3. Dennis wiggers

    Welcome to the St. Louis family of baseball fans!! This city loves the Buck Family.

    Feel at home here! We now lve you Misses Buck!!!