02/06/12 (Updated)

Jenny Dell: The REAL new NESN Reporter



While we claim to be good at many things here at PlayerWives.com, thankfully telling the future isn't one of those things. After all of predictions (Jen Royle, Molly Sullivan and Erin Hawksworth) failed one after the other, NESN went ahead and hired someone who wasn't even on our radar. Meet Miss Jenny Dell, the newest NESN Boston Red Sox reporter and Heidi Watney replacement.

Jenny Dell is actually a local girl from Connecticut and a UMass graduate, so she probably had a leg up on all her NESN competition. She previously worked at ESPN and, in addition to covering the X-Games, has worked on-field at two previous Super Bowls. Hopefully that is good luck for the Patriots (even though she won't have anything to do with them.

On a separate note, we'd like to give Jenny Dell some props on her Halloween costume choice and also extend the invite for our party next year. May I also recommend that she wear something similar, perhaps a sexy school teacher?

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2 Responses to “Jenny Dell: The REAL new NESN Reporter”

  1. bill norwood

    Jenny Dell is a waste of valuable nesn tv time. She is always asking stupid questions from red sox players. Now she has some stupid tweeter questions that waste more tv time.

  2. Don

    She doesn't choose the questions...dude. Have you heard of the job, "producer"?

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