Is Erin Andrews dating Troy Aikman?

There have been rumors about these two potentially being locked in a romantic relationship since just before the Super Bowl when the two were spotted flirting at GQ's pre-Super Bowl bash. Very little information came out aside from a couple eye witness accounts.
Three weeks later, news is coming out again that the two have been seen on what appeared to be a date. TerezOwens.com reported the following:

According our source, Troy Aikman and Erin Andrews were spotted enjoying dinner yesterday at South City Kitchen Midtown in Atlanta — On top of leaving a hefty tip, Troy even donated $20 to Hunger Walk Atlanta

In fairness, Troy Aikman is a newly single man, after splitting from his wife a little more than a year ago. Erin Andrews has been rumored to have dated a number of individuals, though most credibly appeared to be dating actor Josh Hopkins within the last few months. Aikman and Andrews could clearly write this off as two professionals covering football for a living having a professional meeting together, though they certainly make sense together if they are infact an item. We'll keep our eyes peeled to see if anything more comes of this.

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4 Responses to “Is Erin Andrews dating Troy Aikman?”

  1. Marissa

    Erin is beautiful! I hope she finds someone as nice as she is.
    I enjoy her personality and sense of humor...
    Hope she keeps it!

  2. Ann D

    The Terez Owens article was wrong about Aikman & Andrews! No pictures were taken so there is no proof that they were on a date! Plus when that date was going on there were pictures of Erin Andrews at Fashion Week!(Also she had already moved to New York) All the men who it was rumored she was dating were never based on facts just someone(man are just as bad)spreading lies. If it isn't fact it's not true which becomes slander! Ex So many tweets have her name & whatever guy they decide to be with EA! the fact is if the woman had all the men on the list she would never had worked a day in her life! Glad she has found someone that understands the attention she receives . Wish only the best!

  3. stephanie

    hell no

  4. stephanie

    hell no yea right.