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Zach Johnson's wife Kim Johnson



Nothing beats meeting your future husband while taking the trash out.

This is the story of Zach Johnson's wife Kim Barclay, and not the story of how John Daly met his fourth wife, although I wouldn't be too surprised if this is how John met one of his wives. While Zach was toiling away on the Nationwide Tour he lived in an apartment complex in Florida. While Zach and his friends were outside Kim needed to find an excuse to go outside and introduce herself. Apparently worried that if she simply went outside and introduced herself she would make herself appear to be desperate (because all guys would think that) Kim needed a big, elaborate plan to meet the guys and more specifically Zach. Thus she filled the trash and took it out so she could look less desperate.

Her plan worked and Zach and Kim became a couple. With Kim's support Zach went from an unknown rookie on the Nationwide Tour to the Masters' Champion in 2007. Each time Zach wins he has a tradition that before he talks to the media he has to get a kiss from Kim. The couple, who has been married since 2003, have three kids together, Will, Wyatt, and Abby.

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