04/04/12 (Updated)

Webb Simpson's wife Dowd Simpson

I have very few regrets in life but I will share with everyone my top regret: not becoming a professional golfer.

Think about it, does anyone have it easier? You play 18 holes a day, hit the range and come back home to a hot wife. Next day, more of the same. Take for example the not-so-household-name-yet PGA golfer Webb Simpson's wife Dowd. I mean come on son, this isn't even fair. And I say that before I even tell you the story of how they met. This isn't even second hand information as this story has been told by Dowd herself.

Long story short they met at Wake Forest when Dowd was a sophomore and Webb was a freshman. Dowd's best friend at the time knew Webb from golf and even joked around that when Dowd meet Webb she was meeting her future husband. Eventually during the summer Dowd ended up at a party where Webb's father approached Dowd and asked that she take out Webb so he could be seen with an "older woman" (Webb's dad sounds like someone I would want to hang out with, maybe even more than Webb).

Eventually school finally started and Webb went to a party where he saw Dowd across the room. From the description his father gave about the girl he met, he knew that this was Dowd. He didn't get enough courage that night (or was just playing it hard to get, like he should, he's Webb Simpson after all!) and it wasn't until later in the week he finally met her through Dowd's best friend. Seriously, I couldn't make this story up if I tried. Eventually they got married and now have a son named James. Dowd is currently also the VP of Membership for the PGA Tour Wives Association, which helps needy children by raising money with the PGA.

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3 Responses to “Webb Simpson's wife Dowd Simpson”

  1. Judy King

    Congratulations. I just watched your husband win the US Open. What a thrill that must be.

    I live in Carroll County, Virginia. Rumor has it that you are related to one of our town (Hillsville's) iconic doctors, Dr. Joseph Early. True? I know one of the doctor's daughter was a cheerleader at Wake Forest. Dede? India? Is one of these very pretty ladies your mom?


  2. Tod F. Rath

    Dowd, Congratulations to you guys!!! It is nice to be able to be able to send this e-mail directly to you. You have such a nice family and a glow about you with your family about to grow. I smiled when I saw Webb with you and you could watch together, Webb win. What a Father's Day, It must be hard with James home, but God is watching over you and this is the way it is suppose to happen. You have such a great name and I am Tod with 1 d. Good luck, the future looks bright and tell Webb, his Ping Pong serve is legal, but I could still beat him, ha. Keep that smile! Tod

  3. Tod F. Rath

    I think your story deserves a 10