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Phil Mickelson's wife Amy Mickelson

If there was a first wife of the PGA Tour, it would have to be Phil Mickelson's wife Amy Mickelson, right? I guess you could have made the case for Tiger and Elin but after the incident with the 9-iron I don't think they qualify anymore. Call me crazy but Amy doesn't strike me as the type who would hunt Phil down with a club(well at least not for the reasons Elin chased Tiger around).
With the Master's approaching I'm always reminded (maybe because CBS plays the commercial during every timeout of the NCAA Tournament) of Phil sinking the putt on 18 and embracing Amy after winning his first green jacket. The romance started when Phil was a senior in college at Arizona State University. Amy, who then went by the name Amy McBride, was a cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns. Remember this because I'll come back to this fact later.

Phil and Amy Mickelson married in 1996 and have three children, Amanda, Sophia, and Evan. When Evan was born both Amy and Evan had complications after birth. That is not the only brush with health issues the Mickelson family has had to deal with. In 2009 Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer and Phil took a leave from the tour to be with his family. Today Amy is still cancer free and active in many breast cancer charities along with Phil.

While Phil and Amy appear to be a modern version of the Cleaver family things haven't always been perfect. The internet, where anyone can start a rumor, was flooded with baseless claims that Phil and Amy were huge swingers and Phil set Amy up with Michael Jordan. This is wrong on so many levels, starting with the fact that Phil and Amy don't seem like the swinger type, but also there is no reasonable way Amy would sleep with Michael Jordan. Think about it, Amy, who was a cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns, is going to sleep with the man who took down her team in the NBA Finals? If you had said Detlef Schrempf maybe I would have entertained the thought but I'm calling b.s. on Jordan. Along with the wife swapping rumor there have also been completely fabricated and unfounded whispers about Phil having an illegitimate child with a woman in Ohio. The internet can be a fun place sometimes can't it.

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11 Responses to “Phil Mickelson's wife Amy Mickelson”

  1. Harry E. Fontaine, Sr.

    Amy, Phil,
    I know other words than my prayers and hopes are with you. You have given us such joy over the years. I am a cancer survivor , and I know first hand you can beat this thing. God bless.

  2. Amy, Phil

    My husband and my heart goes out to the both of you and you are both dealing with
    what cancer can do.
    Our prayers are with you on a constant basis.
    The two of you are poster people for the epitome of an awesome couple, so loving with one another.
    The very best from us up here in the north (Ontario, Canada). For us, there are no such thing as borders, when it comes to wonderful people such as yourselves.
    May the Lord bless you both with His healing touch.

    Most Sincerely,
    Liz & Harry Magill

  3. lydea mansfield

    I wanted to tell you how lucky you are to have such a warm loving family.You certainly have had your health issues but glad to hear you are finally back to good health and can be involved to help others who have struggled with the same issues your families have gone through. Phil is a joy to watch golfing and always a smile on you face no matter the shot. We have a friend here in our town of Fremont, Mi by the name of Lottie Mater. Her son, Duane has a daughter who is friends with your daughter. He and his wife Julie are very nice people, however, living so far away we hardly get to see them except for when his dad passed away not very long ago. My husband and I are watching the open today and routing for you to win. Good luck. Your fans Jerry and Lydea Mansfield.

  4. Judy P.

    Loved watching Phil win the Open today. Always my favorite! And what a beautiful, caring family he has. I wish you all the Best!

  5. Bill

    My wife is abreast cancer suvivor. Family,friends,amd youstruggle helped with her journey . Peace be with you.. Applauded Phils victory

  6. Brian

    Another fairy tale today. Stuff of legends. A great example of strength to all families who are battling through illness and the challenges of every day life. Just magical to be alive today to witness your achievement. You can all be truly very proud of the way you have carried yourselves through the good times and the bad. A magnificent example to us all. Well done and thank you!

  7. Renny

    HI Amy,I too am a Gemini like your husband Phil,
    I was just wondering what is your horoscope sign ?
    thank you! Renny

  8. Renny

    congrat!! to Phil on wining open championship!!

  9. Bev

    My husband, Uel, worked with Phil's dad at Republic Air and both our families went to Hawaii every year for their annual golf tournament. We have been following Phil since his won at the PGS tour as amateur and we kiddingly refer to him as our surrogate son (our first son is his age).

    We are so very happy for him and your family and enjoyed your interview at the Open.

  10. Vance

    Dear Amy and Phil,

    You are the model of consistency while dealing with your cancer. Phil, you are the model of support for the values in life which are truly the most important. Wife, children, mother then golf. Thank you both for being a couple that we all can look to as an example to model our lives after. Thank you for providing the kind of example that we can look to in always keeping life's challenges and priorities in perspective. God bless in all you do. Vance and Nancy

  11. Bob McEachern

    I frequently watch PGA golf. I haven't heard much recently about you, Amy, but I pray that you are doing well, and I am rooting for Phil in the 2015 masters.