04/13/15 (Updated)

Jordan Spieth's girlfriend Annie Verret

UPDATE 04/10/2015: How stoked do you think Jordan Spieth's girlfriend Annie Verret is right now?

With Jordan running away from the field and setting himself up for a wire-to-wire victory in the 2015 Master's, the Sunday afternoon gallery off 18, could very well be littered with Jordan Spieth's family, friends, and girlfriend. And when Spieth goes to embrace Annie, you know the two very photogenic 20-somethings will be a long captured image for the CBS camera crew.

We're hoping to see Jordan continue his dominance because when Jordan Spieth wins, we all win.

Jordan Spieth’s girlfriend Annie Verret has been with him since his high school days at Jesuit College Prep in Dallas, Texas. Annie is now finishing up a degree in business at Texas Tech and serving as a business ambassador at the Rawls College of Business there. Life is just getting going for the young lady, and her man isn’t even old enough to legally drink. Don’t let his age fool you, though, Jordan’s rocketing up the PGA ranks.

Just look at what he accomplished last year. Last year, before he even turned twenty, steely-eyed Spieth notched his first PGA tour win in a three-way sudden-death playoff. He was the first teenager to win a PGA event in 82 years. Upon winning, Spieth was granted full status as a PGA member, earning him entry into a slew of majors, and was selected to play on the prestigious President’s Cup as the captain’s pick- a high honor. By the end of the year, Spieth had moved himself up to the 59th ranked golfer in the world. He started the year ranked 810th! To top it off, Jordan earned the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Award.

Jordan has also started a charitable group called the Jordan Spieth Foundation, which helps out special needs kids and children with autism. Annie Verret is impressed, and so are we.

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8 Responses to “Jordan Spieth's girlfriend Annie Verret”

  1. [...] girlfriend is Annie Verret, who playerwives.com reports was his high school sweetheart at Jesuit College [...]

  2. Jeff

    Glad to see such a impressive young man win the Masters. It won't be the last.

  3. Jeff

    Glad to see such a impressive young man win the Masters. It won't be the last.

  4. Grady Morgan

    God bless you and Jordan as he is my favorite golfer. I am a 91 year old Texan from Waxahachie living in California and I wish the best for both of you in married life.

  5. Lilarose Davis

    Very attractive couple, very very young, don't rush it, kids! I barely remember being 21 years old. Both of you need to see the world outside of Texas.

  6. Steven LeVine


    What a way to make you, Jordan and his parents so happy. Winning at 21 is a blessing and what he worked hard I'm sure for along with his support group and friends always there.

    Being frim Dallas, it is always nice to hear about the successes in life from Dallas. I'm sure the best of the best will reach out to Jordan the likes of Mark Cuban and others. Humble is what you and Jordan seem to have and that will go a long way.

    All the best - the journey of success is the best.

    Steven LeVine
    Brookville New York

  7. Seth

    I just love this guy! He has so much class and honor. please do yourself a big favor jordan, stay away from those hollywood has been hoes like kate Hudson. These desperate older washed up types would love to sink their stinky claws into someone like you. keep it real, you have the best and brightest gal around..hang on to her!!

    Good luck in the future!

    S. R.

  8. Debbie

    It is so refreshing to see Jordan play golf. I pray that golf will remain fun for him as he is such a delight to watch. He doesn't grumble (cuss) and get angry or show negative emotions just an inner confidence and strength and peace. Such class! He will go far with his attributes, best wishes to both of you in the future.