04/09/14 (Updated)

John Senden's Wife Jackie Senden

I suggest you enjoy the few pictures we have of John Senden's wife Jackie Senden while you can. It could be because he's Australian or simply because he's done jack squat in his career but pictures of Jackie Senden are few and far between. I even ran through 3 years of bland Twitter posts to see if John posted any family pictures that included his wife Jackie and that would be 20 minutes of my life I'm never getting back. I actually found a few pictures of John and Jackie's son Jacob on the Twitter feed but you don't come to this site to see pictures of athletes' 8 year old sons, so we will spare you those photos. Now if by some miracle John can make a run and win the U.S. Open well you can thank us for being one of the first to spotlight Mrs. Jackie Senden.

Will the 2013 U.S. Open be the tournament that sees Australian golfer John Senden finally put everything together and win a big tournament (sorry I'm not counting the John Deere Classic as a big win). He's been described by fellow golfers as having a text book swing and demeanor to be a consistent winner on any tour but for some reason things have never clicked all at once for Senden. Having never heard of Senden myself and reviewing his illustrious career I feel pretty confident saying by the end of the third round Senden will falter.

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4 Responses to “John Senden's Wife Jackie Senden”

  1. Robyn McGinley

    Hi Jackie , for years now I often think of you and wonder how you are going . You may not remember me but my mother and I use to go to you for our haircuts at Everton Park . Both loved your good job and personality . Marj Montgomery was mums name . She passed away in 2005 which was sad and is missed heaps but that's part of life you have to accept hey . I only come accross this site as I was watching John and Adam Scott playing on TV today and again was thinking of you . I looked up John on the web and this came up , so what better way to get in touch with you . Mum and I use chat about the stories we spoke about at the time of hair cuts .
    I see you had a son which looks a cute little boy ..congratulations ..
    Well I will finish now .
    I hope you may remember us . Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year 2014 . Robyn

  2. Bruce Cheesman

    Congratulations To both of you Jackie It is nothing like the days of Mount I was so happy for both of you.
    Well done John you deserve it.

  3. George Cooper

    The writer of this column is clearly an idiot to feel the need to take a shot at John Senden. It's a shame that due to his/her shortcomings and failures in life she thinks it's okay to say Senden will not win a golf tournament. If only you had as successful a career and great looking spouse and family, you would still be an idiot and loser.

  4. Charlie Wishart

    Hey there Jackie,have been watchin' John's progress over the years and so glad that i spent time to follow him round Montrose Links when he made an effort to qualify for 128th Open At Carnoustie. Who is this you may ask? The wee guy that walked part of the course with you,and you,John+caddie had a evening in my Club and i was the entertainment! That was a long time ago,and John's career has taken him, yourself and your son to have hopefully a nice life? Always new he would do well as he had a really good elegent swing! Hope this finds you well and please pass my regards to John. Will keep an eye on the man's progress,in the mean time take care of yourselves! Have lost the BALLS that John kindly gave me all they years ago!Ha!Ha! Hope you don't mind my contact?Just had to get in touch!! Charlie