Jim Furyk's Wife Tabitha Skartved

Jim Furyk's wife Tabitha Skartved has also been a steady presence in his life since 2000 when the couple married. Thanks in part to Tabitha's impact on his life, you won't find a more consistant and steady golfer on the PGA tour than Jim Furyk. Since 1995, when Jim notched his first PGA Tour win, we have come to expect Jim to be hanging around the leader board of any tournament he enters, including majors. The man with the unorthdox swing has won one Major, the US Open, and the Fed Ex Cup along with finishing in the top six in the other three majors. Jim and Tabitha dated for a long time before they married and now have two children, Caleigh Lynn and Tanner. With Jim only 42 years old there is no reason to think that he will slow down any time soon.

The couple is heavily involved in their chairty foundation, The Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation. The foundation was started in 2010 as a way to help unprivledged families and support local organizations that work with these groups. In March of 2012 the foundation hosted a golf tournament at Sawgrass along with a concert to help raise money.

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6 Responses to “Jim Furyk's Wife Tabitha Skartved”

  1. Gene Simmons

    Furyk should thank whomever made him take golf lessons because he is not getting a wife that hot if he is not a pro golfer. She is a 9 an he is a 4.

  2. suz

    I heard u are from Ohio, what city... if u can tell, im from ohio too...


  3. Don Holland

    Does Jim have a connection to Fox River Grove, IL. My friend said he saw him in a restaurant there a couple times. It would be very helpful to know. Thanks.

  4. Janet Thompson

    Dear Tabitha,
    I have written a book, " A Golfer's Wife." The final chapter will include interviews from a select few, professional golfers wives. I would be honored to include you. The interview would consist of 15 questions. I can do the interview in person, by phone or by email. You would have the final approval of the published interview.
    I am anticipating a 2014 publishing date. 50% of the books sales will go to charity. It would be my pleasure to donate to yours.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Most sincerely,
    Janet Thompson

  5. western brainsmasher

    I'd be Furyis if I had a wife that had a name like Skfarted.

  6. David Ferrier

    Take a look at Hunter Mahan's girlfriend in 2005. She's also a 10, and Hunter a: To Be Determined - The jury is still out.

    Ha. Ha.