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Holly Sonders is hot.

I know it, you know it, and the golfing world knows it.  Golf Digest knows it, and decided to put her on the cover and in the pages of it's fitness issue next month with an in depth feature on golf yoga, and other methods to get in the best shape possible for the upcoming golf season.

Holly Sonders' boyfriend Erik Kuselias knows it, and wasn't afraid to talk about it (constantly) on the set of their Golf Channel show, The  Morning Drive.  While that would be all well and good, it probably wasn't all well and good for his wife at the time.  Kuselias and his wife have since split up, after she hired a private investigator to get more dirt on Kuselias' bad habits at work (reports circulating that he was involved with another co-worker (besides Sonders) when his wife called things off).

After publicly meeting and flirting, Sonders and Kuselias advanced things, and news came out in May of 2012 that Holly Sonders is going to marry Erik Kuselias.


The 26 year old smokeshow is going to marry a man in his mid forties, who is divorced amidst a flurry of rumors over infidelity.  The woman who is demonstrating golf yoga poses in hardly anything for the entire world of affluent men who think they can swing the sticks and could choose from almost any of us,... has chosen Erik Kuselias.

In fairness, we'll give Kuselias credit that he's got a cool resume.  A mensa member, Kuselias has handled a number of TV and radio gigs across different specialties and done it pretty well.  After being removed from Morning Drive after his engagement to Sonders was announced, Kuselias has been part of a few different shows  (and I'm personally a fan of Fantasy Football Now).  Kuselias also played high school baseball in Connecticut with Mo Vaughn, Jeff Bagwell and Brad Ausmus.

As for Sonders, she continues to host the Morning Drive  even after Kuselias' removal.  A graduate of Michigan State, Sonders was a member of the 2007 National Champion squad, Sonders has also been a regular on School of Golf on the Golf Channel.

Holly Sonders' boyfriend Erik Kuselias, 7.2 out of 10 based on 262 ratings

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45 Responses to “Holly Sonders' boyfriend Erik Kuselias”

  1. James

    She is an absolute knockout! What is she doing? Women just baffle me sometimes. It is one thing if you don't know about someone's prior infidelity but to know about firsthand and think they are going to be faithful to you is just foolish. This has disaster written all over it.

  2. Rico

    hottest golf chick ever, wow!

  3. Bob

    Holly is not a stupid girl, she knows her looks will only last so long to attract any guy she wants. She's going to play this guy good and take him for a few $$$ before moving on to the next guy.

    I've seen it all before.....

  4. Peter Anderson

    You were a ten before you decided to tighten things up a little. Now your a 12 and we can't get enough of you. We need to see more of you on the golf channel. We can do without a guys who plays football and pro-ams. How does he relate to golf. I don't get it. Nice guy, bad fit. The show has become very week. We miss Eric. Good luck with Eric. I personal think you should look for someone with a little more cash, that will set you up for the rest of your life when the honeymoon is over. Your looks will carry you a long way. Take advantage of it. Now you hold the cards. You won't always be in that position. Put the cash away for rest of your life. good luck with what ever choice you make.

  5. rite

    she needs to watch what she is doing in her private time.

  6. rite

    she likes them over 40 and bald!

  7. Jim

    Whether Holly reads this or not: it is very apparent that Holly thinks she can change this man. Maybe she is the one to 'ring' him in. Maybe she persuaded him. Maybe he has matured. Maybe by using beauty and charm she feels she can change him for good. You can't. You won't. Why waste your energy and time on a guy who only wants to **** you??

    Holly be wise. Do not fall for the flattery and smooth talk of this man. He is using his words (AND he knows how to use words => having been on TV and radio as a TALK host!) to get you. So far it has worked on you. He is all talk and NO walk. BUT...it is your CHOICE ultimately. I pray that you make the right choice. Not only for yourself, but also for the ones you truly love.

  8. James

    She isn't all that guys! She wears a ton of makeup, extensions, and veers. Ohhh!!! and the boobs are bought. Holly looks older than 26, there are far more beautiful women than "the Ms. Sonders." And let's be honest, how good a person can she be, she knew the guy was married with two young kids. Still went or him.

    I think she is incredibly smart though. Nobody knew her before she got involved with Erik Kuselius. Look at her now, On the cover of Golf Digest, hosting Golf Channel and etc,,, She is using Erik to get what she wants,ESPN. Erik is from Connecticut, the home of ESPN. Come on, do you really think Erik will be faithful to her??? EK gets bored too fast. He's a bad-boy,always was and always will be.
    I do wish them both well. It's gotta suck to read so many bad things about them.

  9. John

    I agree with you James except for saying she's incredibly smart. Smart girls wouldn't date such a cad. Her looks will only last a short time and then what? She isn't a commentator like Kelly is. She can barely hold up her end of a conversation when talking with the guys. She will be a has been before we know it and then on to the next Golf Channel bimbo.

  10. Tom

    She looks old for her age. By the time she's in her 40s, she's going to look ancient.

  11. Pally

    Dont do it , I've been their done that many times ,your doing it for all the wrong reasons .

  12. Robert Joly

    l think that you are to skinny,, you need to eat more.

  13. John

    I am surprised Arnie has kept her around with his values. What piece of crap they both are. She went for him while married, which means beware men with MONEY. She looks so plastic and when she sets with those short dresses she gives a show. Anyway, i like the other female hosts on GC, they are sexy and least show some class.

  14. Bill

    Nothing natural about her. I don't think she's going to get past Golf Channel . Her next gig will be a small market TV weather-chick.

  15. AAA

    Her choice of this man just shows the idiot she must be...

  16. Zip

    Is anything real about this person including intentions?

  17. Dan

    He's a total douche! It's definitely a career move for her. If she really wants to capitalize she should go after Tiger!

  18. Stupid Girl

    Holly Holly Holly!!!!

  19. Ted

    Mo Vaugh went to trinity pawling high school in New York, not Conn.

  20. Anonymous

    what a slime ball and yes she cant be that smart to think he will be faithful to her after cheating on his wife with holly and another women WOW. and u know what before i knew about this i always used to think erik looked like a shady slime ball who would steal from his mother

  21. mike

    That idiot is a Mensa Member? LOL! You have got to be kidding. I have met him and spoken with him. He is of average intelligence at best. Pathetic.

    I have lost all respect for Holly and her fake breasts.

  22. Nick Faldo

    I know her, she is a true idiot. Always wearing trashy clothing. No one in the business likes her.

  23. Rob

    I have lost all respect for The Golf Channel. To hire Holly Sonders takes so much class away from that network. She looks like someone that should be an intern at the Howard Stern show. But then again, what would you expect from a network that would employ a racist like Kelly Tilghman

  24. Ben

    Perfect couple, two losers.

  25. Brian

    I think Holly is awesome. She knows what she is talking about and looks good doing it..

  26. shawn O

    WTF both of them are weak. EK you're just the doormat that HS is wiping her feet on to get to the next stage in her career. Maybe you should be checking out some of your kids friends for future dates it sounds like thats about your speed. Holly are you kidding yourself you think that a cheat and liar makes a good foundation for a relationship. Why get married once you do it's gonna be boring and you both are gonna be looking for your next victims. EK always talking about your kids and family on the show acting like you're a good guy. I hope your ex or future ex gets you where its gonna hurt the most your wallet. I dont think the loss of your family matters to you when you can only see HS bent over your desk. You guys deserve each other best of luck to you both.

  27. Josh

    kuselias has to be one of the biggest tools on the planet, with his Eddie Munster hairdo and his stale jokes. Not to mention that he completely sucks as a broadcaster. That's why he keeps bouncing around. Sonders looks like a pornstar. So the two are a good fit for eachother. One gigantic douche, and one wannabe.

  28. jim

    most of you are just being too judgemental. Who are you to state what anyone's intentions or motives are. 50% of all marriages fail .... 95% of dating relationships fail. To say that ANY relationship will fail is mathematically the safe bet. So let's attack their physical characteristics instead.....douche, fake, old, eddy Munster, etc. etc. etc..... my goodness....have you all nothing better to talk about. Sooooo grade school.
    Who cares?

  29. Palermo

    This is all you need to know, he went to Michigan and she went to Michigan State ... losers. Go Bucks!

  30. Jb

    Can't agree with you more. To attack someone's looks is just misplaced jealousy or ignorance. I wish them both well on their decisions and relationship. May the media stay out of it.

  31. Sam

    I enjoy them both. I have no right to judge. I wish them the very best in life.

  32. Sam

    Eric I enjoyed you on Morning Drive. Many jealous people in this world. Be who you are and to he'll with those who don't get it.

  33. Doctaaa

    I'd like to sink my 1 footer in her!

  34. The man

    Holly Sonders you are an overrated bimbo. I wonder how much time it takes you to get ready in the morning? 4 or 5 hours? Also how many times do you tan a week? 10? Your skin is going to look like leather when you reach 35. Do us a favor and go away please.

  35. The man

    This reminds me of that relationship that has the 17 year old dating the 60 year old guy. Holly reminds me of a brunette Courtney Stodden.

  36. Vincent Balas

    As a MENSA member myself, I think it's difficult for many of you to appreciate the overwhelming thoughts/understanding/regards, etc that goes through a person's mind. Unfortunately, it's a "gift and a curse" (as Monk would say)

  37. tucker

    Holly please get %#&%*&% nose job!

  38. docicu3

    So when is the wedding?

  39. The Realistic

    Come-on guys...what does it matter to you. Yes, it may be wrong but none of us know their personal situations and we're not the judge. The truth is Holly is a very attractive woman and most men would do just what Erik did if they were in that situation. Let them figure it out, they do not need your help. It is amazing what jealousy does for people who have time to judge others!!!!!

  40. Anonymous

    She's is smoking Eric u a lucky dog to be doin her doggy style

  41. Jon

    Hopefully Holly has dumped him by now because if she actually marries him she will regret it - not for the rest of her life because they WILL get divorced but she will regret it

  42. max

    I am reminded of that old saying that a womans love is like a dew drop.just as apt to fall on a dog terd as anything.max

  43. Crazylegs

    Despite the obvious low probability for this relationship to last (for several reasons), most of us out here wish Erik and Holly at least some happiness together for some period of time. However, Erik will eventuallyget bored with Holly's body and her inferior intellect. This is a pitifully bad match. Erik....go back to your wife (or ex-wife now) and your kids!

  44. Mark

    I was so happy when they canned that clown Kuselias,He know's nothing about golf,come on Holly find a nice pro golfer,

  45. Rob

    Holly is no longer wearing a ring. Has there been a break-up? Is it now open season for Holly?

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