06/18/15 (Updated)

Henrik Stenson's wife Emma Lofgren

After learning about Henrik Stenson's wife Emma Lofgren, I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that Swedish people are boring.

Now, there's an undeniable boatload of talent (and attractiveness) that comes from Sweden, especially athletes and models,... don't get us wrong. From Peter Forsberg to Mats Sundin to Elin Nordegren, there have been plenty of great Swedes, but it seems like everyone lacks a bit of a personality (ABBA would be the one exception of course).

Henrik Stenson is a perfect example. Great golfer, extremely consistent, but there is nothing to him that makes him stick out. I was hoping Henrik Stenson's wife Emma Lofgren might be the exception but alas she is your typical Swedish blonde with the added bonus of being a talented athlete (again, nothing wrong, but nothing spectacular either). Growing up Emma Stenson was an extremely good alpine skier, but ultimately ended up focusing on golf as her sport of choice. She went to college at the University of South Carolina she met Henrik. Sharing the common bond of golf and Sweden, the couple quickly hit it off, married in 2006 and had two children, Lisa and Karl. Again nothing outside the box here, aside from ya know, both Henrik and Emma being insanely talented individuals with relatively good looks.

Maybe I'm asking for too much here but what would it take to find the Dennis Rodman of Sweden? Does Elin swinging a 9-iron at Tiger's head count? Probably not. For now I'll have to settle for Mr. Consistency Henrik Stenson and his good looking but not drop dead gorgeous wife Emma.

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3 Responses to “Henrik Stenson's wife Emma Lofgren”

  1. Pauline Caust

    Whoever wrote this article should be sacked. If the comments were made about a black American athlete and his wife all hell would break loose. The very idea of comparing any athlete to Dennis Rodman makes me want to puke. I will not be visiting this site again.

  2. Thomas O'Neill III

    That is the most disgusting comment I think I have ever read. I do not think I would like the person vy much that wrote this comment for sure.

  3. CV

    Who ever wrote this crap should find another line of work.