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Graeme McDowell's girlfriend Kristin Stape

07/27/2012: Well, appears we were behind on the resume. Kristin Stape has infact owned her own design company since 2010, and is not affiliated with Soco Interiors. Thanks to the reader for the heads up (and the note was left unsigned, we're not just refusing credit).

While the Masters is played in April golf doesn't truly pick up steam until June when the US Open starts a run of 3 majors and the Ryder Cup in 4 months. One golfer that should be involved in all 4 events is Northern Ireland golfer Graeme McDowell.

The 2010 US Open winner plays both on the PGA Tour while also picking up some European Tour dates as well. Although Graeme is from Northern Ireland he went to school in the US at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Currently Graeme McDowell's girlfriend is Kristin Stape, who goes by the Twitter handle of @kristinstape. Kristen Stape is the lead designer at Soco Interiors and has a website under development at www.kristinstapedesign.com. Looks as if the company will be based out of Winter Park, Florida.

The couple were present at the April 2012 wedding of Graeme's fellow countryman Darren Clarke. Graeme is actually responsible for Darren meeting his wife, former Ms. Northern Ireland Alison Campbell, as he set the couple up on a blind date.

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7 Responses to “Graeme McDowell's girlfriend Kristin Stape”

  1. Sandra O 'Hare

    Hello Kristin,

    I just watch the interview Graeme did with David Feherty. I was so taken with him. You can see his Mom and Dad raised a wonderful son.

    A girlfriend never came up in the interview. So, of course I Googled him. I was told once, by my mother. When you date, always look at how your boyfriend treats his mother. You have a KEEPER!!!!

    He is in my top four to win the US Open......And it is Fathers Day!!!!!

    Best Wishes to you both.


  2. Eddie Haskell

    Hey, Kristen!

    Do you ever wish your parents had spent some money to get that crossed eye of yours fixed? Do you see mainly out of your right eye or your left eye? Do you think you should warn Graeme that it might be hereditary?

  3. jennifer

    Congratulations on dating graeme he seams a really nice person . I always cheer him on when he plays golf . Good luck to you both xx

  4. CMac

    same reason I googled him!!! what happened to his blonde wife??

  5. Ddi

    Absolute stunning looking couple, best wishes to you both!

  6. Nathan O

    You are an absolute stunner Kristin! Good luck to you both. Gmac is the man.

  7. Vivian

    He's one gorgeous man! Bit concerned about that belly on him, what are u feeding this guy?