04/13/14 (Updated)

Angie Watson: Wife of Bubba Watson and former WNBA player

UPDATE 04/13/2014: Today has to be an exciting day for Bubba Watson's wife Angie Watson.

Not only is Bubba Watson walking down the 18th green on the way to his second Master's Championship, but Angie can finally be there to celebrate this one with him. When Bubba first won the Green Jacket, Angie was unable to be there in Augusta with him. Having just adopted their first son, Caleb, less than a week before the Master's, Angie was home taking care of family affairs. As Bubba approaches 18 today, the world knows that Angie is waiting excitedly to celebrate when that final post rattles home.

Congratulations to Bubba Watson on the second title, and the entire Watson family for being there to celebrate.

UPDATE 02/21/2014: Angie Watson, nowadays better known as the wife of Bubba Watson, is a lucky woman.

Normally, we're tapped on things to talk about, so we'll start a post by saying that... but this time we mean it. During the 2014 Match Play Championship, Bubba Watson let an errant fairway shot fly and nearly clipped Angie off the bounce.

A friendly safe sign and no one's worse for wear. While the shot was coming to a halt, another 20 yards and we'd be writing an entirely different update today. While we say congratulations to newlyweds, or new parents a lot, we'll say it again. Congratulations for not getting drilled with a golf ball, Angie Watson!!

Bubba Watson's wife Angie Watson, the former Angie Ball, is originally from Canada where she grew up in a very religious family. Angie was a great basketball player in Canada and eventually took her talents to the University of Georgia to play on the women's basketball team. While she did get a chance in the WNBA after a few stints overseas her career was derailed by injury after injury. The 6'4" Angie retired from basketball and would eventually become Bubba's manager for a period of time.

The couple met while both were in college at University of Georgia. While the couple dated in college it wasn't until 2004 that Bubba and Angie got married. In 2009 Angie and Bubba had a major health scare. Doctors found a tumor on Angie's pituitary gland, but after going for a second opinion, the couple learned that it was benign and that Angie did not have cancer.

Also, congratulations are in order to both Bubba and Angie on the adoption of their first child, one month old son Caleb. This came merely a week or so prior to Bubba's 2012 Masters Championship win. During the CBS interviews after the tournament Bubba spoke with eyes welled up about thinking of his wife and new child at home. According to various reports, Angie made Bubba aware on their first date that she would not be able to conceive a child. The Watson's adoption of Caleb proves to be a blessing for so many parties, and we here at PlayerWives salute them. A genuine congratulations to Bubba, Angie and Caleb Watson.

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11 Responses to “Angie Watson: Wife of Bubba Watson and former WNBA player”

  1. Devara

    Cute couple. Congrats to them both on the birth of their beautiful baby and his win at Augusta.

  2. Dave & MJ Norman

    We can't say enough great things about Bubba Watson as a person, husband, golfer, new dad and just fun to watch and listen to.

    We will be glued to the TV watching all the events that make up the "Masters" such a prestige tournament and seeing all the flowers ad greenery sure makes it an awesome 4 days.

    Good Luck Bubba and a great big hello to wife Angie and hugs and kisswa for baby Caleb. oxoxoxoxoxox

    Dave & MJ Norman from North Bay Ontario Canada.

    PS Don't ever change - it's so refreshing to see and watch you in the game of golf.

  3. Dave & MJ Norman

    Hi Angie - just found out that you are originally from Canada and it made my heart jiggle. Enjoy your new baby boy Caleb and just keep on being who you are.

    Mary Jane Norman (North Bay ON Canada)

  4. Frank Marra

    You have a not only a great husband but a great golfer and all around good guy, I'm am a retired plumber as of March 31st 2012 and by far he is my idol

  5. Jo

    She must have been brain dead to marry that loser who thinks he is "THE ANSWER" to golf. On close inspection of the pictures it appears there is something not quite right. Good thing they adopted and their gene pool is closed.

  6. Sam

    Hey joe go live your loser life somewhere else!! Just because u probably r paying child support up the butt because u couldn't read the comdom wrapper! Don't being down someone else who blessed and a all around great guy!! Troll

  7. TIm

    Jo... what a jerk you are.

    Angie, Congratulations on your new baby, and on your husband's 2014 Master's Championship Win!!!!

  8. Linda

    Have the time of your life. My daughter Shannon Thomason is a financial advisor here in Atlanta at Morgan Stanley. If you need some one to talk to about how to plan for your future. Sound like a proud mama don't I? So refreshing to see your wonderfull family. Thanks to Bubba for all the practice, for being a good husband and dad. He is totally refreshing. I have googled you and say welcome to the big time.

  9. Gary

    What a breath of fresh air you three are. So special.

  10. Gary

    You are an awesome woman. You and Bubba look so good together. Gets better when Caleb is being held. Congrats on all your personal accomplishments in sports. Caleb should get some wonderful coaching. 76 year old who is a Big Bubba/Angie/Caleb fan.

  11. Joyce Jones

    Congrat to Bubba, you and little Caleb! So heartwarming to see Caleb toddle up to meet his awesome golfer dad when he finished yesterday! I know a lot of people who poked fun at Bubba for tearing up and crying after he won in 2012. They just couldn't understand and took his humbleness as weakness. They were very cruel. Someone that tender hearted has to be a good guy off the course as well as on it, so as a result, I am an avid and loyal fan of your talented and awesome husband! I wish all of his family the best!

    I love golf and played regularly for 40 years until 2008 when tragedy struck preventing me from ever playing again. Had to have all fingers and toes amputated from complications of heart bypass surgery. Since then, I spend lots more time watching golf on TV,. It thrills my soul to see young golfers like Bubba doing well in life!