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Floyd Mayweather's Wife Shantel Jackson

UPDATE 05/01/2014: With a huge fight scheduled for this weekend, that may be his retirement bout, one might think Floyd Mayweather had laser beam focus on the task at hand. After Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend Shantel Jackson was taken to task publicly, it's pretty clear he's handling a lot in his life.

Floyd Mayweather took to Facebook to announce the following:

The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion and I'm total against killing babies. She killed our twin babies. #ShantelJackson #FloydMayweather #TheMoneyTeam #TMT

The post, seen to the right, included results from an ultrasound showing twins. TMZ is reporting that Miss Jackson is doing just fine and has moved on by dating Nelly, a close friend of Mayweather. Jackson took to Instagramin light of the post saying:

Well ..... with that type of behavior I guess you just gave up on owning that NBA team huh? Lol #childish #growup @NBA

She later went on Twitter to announce she's doing fine: Head is up, and I'm off to the spa

With Floyd's outspoken demeanor, you gotta imagine this gets worse before it gets better.

The post has since been removed, though no apology, or suggestion from The Money Team suggesting there was a hack or incorrectly posted item has come forward. We'll keep an eye on this one, but for the next 48 hours, we imagine Floyd has bigger problems on his mind.

09-26-2011: Floyd Mayweather's fiance Shantel Jackson has a tattoo of a heart for all 42 of his victories. The night of the fight, she penciled in a heart with a marker - we assume until she could find a tattoo parlor to update it for real. That's a pretty awesome show of devotion but seriously, what would she do if they ever broke up? That's an incredibly specific tattoo, even more so than a name. At least with a name, there is an outside chance she'd end up with another dude named Floyd. But the odds of ending up with another boxer with exactly 42 victories? Pretty slim. Check the photos to the right.

09-19-2011: Floyd Mayweather's controversial victory over Victor Ortiz this weekend came as no surprise to his fiance Shantel Jackson. Mayweather's girlfriend Shantel Jackson, in between playing dress-up and taking a dozen photos of herself during the fight, managed to find time to place a bet on her future husband. She even managed to pick the correct round! Check the photos.

Im sorry Miss Jackson... OOOOOHHHHHHHH. We can all see why Mayweather chose her. She is just killing it on every level and all aspects. This girl is so hot that I am contemplating fighting Mayweather for her. Winner gets the girl. Don't believe me? Give me the number to Mayweather's agent. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

Shantel was born in Miami where the heat is on... all night on the beach till the break of dawn. Her ethnicity is Black American, Caucasian, and American Indian. Personally I think she could use a little more Caucasian in her. ;) She is the typical model who claims she is into fashion. She has modeled ever since high school where she studied in entertainment and fashion. She was introduced to the world as Mayweather's Fiancé when 50 Cent posted it on his twitter account. Here is what 50 had to say:

"Wow just got off the phone with Floyd, he's getting married. He asked me to be his best man, I'm in shock... Shantel Jackson soon to be Ms Money Mayweather."

Floyd Mayweather has a massive fight this weekend on PPV. He's fighting Victor Ortiz and the fight should be epic. I do not think Ortiz can topple the boxing king...however Ortiz is probably the most dangerous fighter Mayweather has fought in a long time. Anything is possible. I honestly am hoping that Mayweather wins this time around only because I don't want to spoil the chances of a Mayweather vs Pacquiao superfight happening.

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23 Responses to “Floyd Mayweather's Wife Shantel Jackson”

  1. DJ Pullout

    DAMN LOOK AT THAT RING!!!!!!! SHIT IS A ROCK! Thats the type of ring I wear on my bad days. lol

  2. dee

    So why does she need a little more caucasion in her, personally that's a stupid remark. You think white makes it right ?

  3. Anonymous

    "needs a little more Caucasian?" What the fuck does that mean, you fucking idiot?

  4. moss

    she could use a little more Caucasian in her? What the fuck does that mean, you fucking idiot?

  5. Big Bang Clock on Swole

    Hey idiots above me (dee, Anonymous, and moss): The "needs a little more Caucasian in her" is in reference to his penis! Any guy could have gotten that remark based on the sheer hotness of Mayweather's chick. And before you get on the "you white people" bandwagon, I'm a black male.

    Calm the F down and take this site for what it is, light-hearted entertainment/gossip.

    Carry on.

  6. Annice

    The article was light-hearted until you made an insensitive remark. Being a black male does not make it ok, it is even more regrettable.

  7. Bitches See Stars


  8. BigRed

    You people are morons. DJ Pullout is Caucasian. He said he wished she had a little more Caucasian in her. Think about this literally. Still don't get it? He's making a reference to how he wishes she would have sex with him people. Obviously a joke. Really not that difficult to understand.

  9. isis

    Very pretty in a generic pinup way, but I'd bet my life that she is not and never has been a "fashion model." She's not built like a model. Short neck and too chunky. Jock's girlfriends always have to come up with a legit sounding career when they become publicly linked to these men. Looks like a cross between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. And, like them , she has CLEARLY been the recipient of a nose job. Early pix of her show that she is obviously an African American woman. The higher her profile gets. the whiter she looks!
    And HOW long have they been dating? It's been about SIX YEARS! She tweeted in 2010 that they had set the date for January, 2011. Hmmmmmm. IMO, the ring is a very expensive stalling tactic. I doubt that he'llever marry her. If you don't have a DATE, you are NOT engaged--ring or no ring. Ain't hatin', just sayin.


  10. rlolypop26

    that is 2 bad he did that to the women and kids he is supposed 2 love and you are rite that ring is 2 placate her !!!when is the weeding ? does she really want 2 b married 2 someone like him he is already kicking her ass while the children are there 2 see? not me to high maintenance !

  11. Bongoman55

    She "needs a little more caucasian in her" is taken LIETRALLY!! IN her dummies!!
    Girl is a little more than average. For passing sex, that is good. In reference tobeing beautiful, not really. Those are dime a dozen in the cuban-african American communities in S Florida.

  12. keviauna

    that ring is not that big you triping just stupid kids

  13. Erin

    I think you are all fucking haters .. She is a gorgeous women that way she is and honestly Floyd would be an idiot it to mess this up with her and not marry and if any have you actually watched. 24/7 you would see how much she calms him down and that there is actual love there so stop being dumb and jealous and let them just enjoy the that they might haw found what was
    Right from them- but all haters keep hating so hope it makes you feel better doing it dickss

  14. Erin

    Ps her tattoo that she does for him shows she has a personality and a heart!! So you all new to get a life and let them enjoy the billions

  15. bee

    He meant his penis as in getting it in amd he is white.. Dummies. I hope you are not black, why our race ia so defensive is ridiculous. It was a joke..

  16. The bozz

    at least she is not one of annoying black females. So she must be more white than anything

  17. rudegirl

    I'm a girl and I knew that.. lol
    all wishful thinking.

  18. A

    Many black people take offense to everything said about their people. They take things personal and that's what makes blacks look bad in America. I'm from Asia and this is what I see coming into America.

    Asians ignore a lot of stereotyping and criticism. That's how we're able to rise above the rest. We just brush it off and not words affect our lives.

  19. steve

    im blk male don't b so sens.....he was talking about hitting it (sex) the guy that wrote the article is white,thats y he said he would like 2 put more whi in her... his meat, its all good people relax.hey ms.jackson next time put one mill in some stock

  20. Anonymous

    Your Asian, how would u know what it's like to be black. Your stereotyped differently(geek). Us slaves but hey, we're the fastest motherfuckers in the world. We also dominate at heaps of other sports. Like boxing. Hahah

  21. ashley

    I am African American woman. You guys lighten up, The Caucasian remark is a joke it means his member (boy parts) would add more Caucasian in her by them being together.

  22. Abongile

    Hy Shantel you are super hot, Floyd is a lucky man. Happy couple guys.

  23. monike bettis

    bless both of theam......