Victor Ortiz’s girlfriend Alexia Garland


  1. travis

    alexia is a senior at the University of Southern California and is a good friend of Victor’s and, she is gorgeous and a wonderful, intelligent person

  2. DeLaHoya

    If victor ortiz wants to date a blonde let him date a blonde.
    every human on earth can date who ever he or she wants to just because you dont agree does not give you the right to say who he or she should be dating.

  3. Joe G.

    She’s a little better than average, but at least she’s not made up and plastic looking. She also looks like a valley girl or sorority girl. Both types are usually snobby. But you can never judge a book by the cover.

  4. Morena

    It doesn’t matter how she looks, if she is blonde or mexican or whatever, more important that how much she loves Victor.

  5. someone awesome

    1. Shes half Mexican
    2. Shes from Jalisco, therefore the blondness is natural
    3. Fluent in spanish
    3. Shes a student at a top school in LA

  6. Boxxor

    I think he dates a new girl now named JoJo.

    In reply to “someone awesome”… “2. Shes from Jalisco, therefore the blondness is natural”. All of the people I have seen from Jalisco are very dark haired. Although, Alexia’s hair does look natural and it is very pretty. But she does not look like she is from Jalisco.

    She is pretty and looks nice. Doesn’t really matter where she is from or if she is Mexican or not. Or if her hair is blonde or any other color. Race and trivial stuff only matter to shallow people.

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