Muhammad Ali’s Wife Yolanda Williams Ali


  1. Nicholas

    Let’s Muhammad’s children see their father. Lonnie has a long history of keeping his children away from him. Just ask any of them.

  2. hazeleyes71

    This is a terrible situation if the story is true. His kids deserve to see their ailing father. His current wife will pay dearly later on because what goes around comes around. He needs his children in his life.

  3. Jennifer Dunn

    Muhammad does remember all his children and can communicate with them. Lonnie is possessive and blocked his friends from talking to him too.

  4. Dr. Muhammed Ali Ayvaz

    Esselamu aleykum my dear Muhammad Ali und Lonnie,
    my parents named me after you, Muhammad. I´m proud of this. I wish you health and all the best things in this word and in ahiret. ALLAH bless you and your wife and your children.
    Esselamun aleykum.
    Muhammed Ali Ayvaz

  5. antionette

    i think this is so wrong for lonnie his wife to keep him away from his family and friends formost his kids.she need to find it in her heart that she will never be forgiven for this.

  6. Jennie Sturgis

    I’ve looked everywhere for Yolanda Williams Ali’s birthday and cannot find it. Will someone locate it and advise. Thank you. I mean you can’t locate it anywhere.

  7. Luisa

    I keep telling people that these light, bright, half white, white skanks are NO good for anybody & esp a black man with money! But yall keep being stupid to them. This bitch is gonna pay for being low down to his kids!!

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