Manny Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee Pacquiao


  1. keenan thought

    jhengkeh is the filipino spelling of her name, she has an identical twin sister but after a thousand and one “beauty” procedures(some of them surgical) done by the philippines’ most famous cosmetic surgeon dr. vicky bello, she does’nt look anywhere near her sister. she was a sales rep for a cosmetic brand in a low end mall in the philippines when she met manny pacquiao, she is not in good terms with manny’s mom who is very much in the spotlight, jhengkeh does not speak good english, that is the reason why she does not grant live tv interviews, she also enrolled in a personality development school to improve her public image and hide/downplay her humble beginnings, she is known as a shopaholic and once dared the philippine press that she will reward them with a shopping trip to hermes if they can present proof of manny pacquiao’s womanizing and having children by other women, she was rumored to have flirted with manny’s nutritionist alex ariza during the last pacquiao-marquez fight resulting in a scuffle between manny and ariza in their las vegas hotel room post fight, resulting in a couple of smashed tables and celphones.

  2. wilbert samuels

    I believe Pacman has been out to long and resume progress where he left the Boxing world. I think he requires addition days to fulfill his mission as pound for pound boxer in his weigh divisions. He should also listen to Jinkee and to make a good sound decisions whether to pursue Professional Fighter. I will be rooting for Pacman & Jinkee to be victorious during their fight with Jesse Vargas. Good Luck

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