Hector Macho Camacho’s Girlfriend Cynthia Castillo Causes Brawl at Macho’s Funeral


  1. Hugo

    That Castillo chick looks like a low life NY Rican, crack, whore, no class what so ever showing up uninvited all glamorously decked out in a neon pink T shirt,kissing the corpse without even a hint of prudence or respect for the family and then wanting to free load on the food…DAM she had some nerve, and that is why I totally believe her story, only a guy like Hector would be turned on by a classy lady such as her LMASSOFFS… she got what she came for, her picture in the news and her 5 minutes of fame, minus the half azz, arroz con pollo y avichuelas !!!!! NOBODY COULD HAVE PLANNED A MORE FITTING TRIBUTE FAREWELL FOR A GUY WHO BEHAVED JUST LIKE THIS HIS ENTIRE LIFE …..MACHO TIME NO MORE ………

  2. roberto

    Poor guy can’t even rest in peace. I am sure he was surrounded by leeches like this his entire life.

    RIP Hector and screw these bitches.

  3. diana

    How disgusting n tasteless. Wish I would have really gotten to know him when I met in in Brooklyn Williamsburg I was 17 n he was 21. I was looking at sandles invsyord window. He came over n asked if I liked them n bought them for me even wen I said no thanks. After that he took me on a date to coney, hr wasn’t famous yet. But goodhearted n like a bull he went after after wat he liked. I found him to pushy n cut it the friendship off. Wish I’d give him the chance he so wanted with a classy chuck like me.

  4. J fizzle

    Pure breed fighter! I really enjoyed watching his toughness in the ring as a fan.. Rest in peace Macho Camaco! You’re still the man.

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