Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Josie Harris


  1. Phanie

    Oscar was 34 when he fought maeyaethwr and at the time only lost to three other fighters, Felix trinadad, twice to shame mosely, and bernad Hopkins. The lost to Felix was contraversal, both shane fights were close, and he suffered his first k.o. lost to Hopkins who was just to big for him. All of these fights were competitive against top noch competition. Oscar was not washed up when he faced floyed, losing to three of the best fighters at that time hardly makes you a washed up fighter. For maeyaethwr to jump three divisions and get a split decision against Oscar delahoya who truly had a size advantage over maeyaethwr is impressive. Cotto is a great fighter too, but he will not have the size advantage that most think he will have, cotto usually weighs in 2 lbs under the 154 lb wieght limit, and maeyaethwr walks around at roughly 152 lbs. Not to mention maeyaethwr is an inch taller and he has a 5 inch reach advantage. And as far as cotto’s body punching he does not go to the body as much as he did early in his career, and if he didn’t go to the body against margarito in the two fights they had together, I dought he will go to the body against maeyaethwr who is much faster than margarito and can effectively counter him to the head. Cotto can not win this fight if it goes past five rounds he will not have the stamina to compete with maeyaethwr in the late rounds. As a matter of fact I would not be surprised if it is cotto who is stopped late in the bout.

  2. Les

    Please leave that bum b–ch alone!! You can’t make a ho a housewife!! Any women that cause a man to go to jail cause she if fucking someone else should be left at the curb. There are too many good girls out there to be putting up with a dumb slut. Good luck in the new year.

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