Chris Sale’s wife Brianne Aron Sale


Chris Sale’s wife Brianne Aron Sale has done some modeling work, with a pretty extensive portfolio of print work. According to her Model Mayhem profile page, she is a 5’3″, 111lb model who is looking for more paid work. She aspires to be a massage therapist and hates conceited liars. I doubt that this still applies, now that Sale is a big time pitcher. Chris Sale is an unlikely, albeit qualified, name emerging as a candidate in…

Michael Koepech’s Girlfriend Brielle Biermann


Michael Koepech’s girlfriend Brielle Biermann is the 19 year-old daughter of Kim Zolciak. Kim was one of the cast members on the original Real Housewives of Atlanta. As you might expect, the young girl doesn’t have much to say other than “look at me,” and “I like Chickfila.” Call me crazy, but her conversational skills are very likely not the reason Koepech’s dating her. She’s very hot. She knows it too. Brielle has an unnatural obsession with the Snapchat “dog…

Chase Reynolds’ Wife Kila Reynolds


Chase Reynolds’ wife Kila Reynolds is the mother of their three children. In August of 2016, they renewed their vows to each other. That event took place a full ten years after they married. Thus, the couple married when Chase himself was only 19 years old. Kila describes herself as a “coffee snob,” and she also discloses the couple dated since high school. You’ve got your classic high school sweetheart scenario here. This couple already…

Jozy Altidore’s Girlfriend Illiana Blackshear

Jozy Altidore's girlfriend Illiana Blackshear - Twitter

So, it’s time to delve into the tricky business of soccer babe conjecture. The question: is Jozy Altidore’s girlfriend Illiana Blackshear? Rumors started to float around on the forums of way back in 2011 that Jozy and Illiana were dating. If this is true, that’s cool. If not, that’s fine too. But, Jozy is a world-travelin’ kinda’ guy, and Illiana has a soccer past at Monmouth University.  Do the two link up? Illiana works for…

Lance Kendricks’ Wife Danielle Kendricks


Lance Kendricks’ wife Danielle Kendricks is an activist for lung cancer. If you want to pick a thing to help eradicate, lung cancer is a good thing to pick. She focuses on the subject on social media because it means something to her. Danielle also posted about another subject in April: the giant wall of sneakers Lance built up in St. Louis. Since they moved to Los Angeles, that wall no longer remains. It’s common for a…

Lamar Miller’s Girlfriend Jess


Lamar Miller’s girlfriend Jess attended Florida International University and was a track athlete. They started dating in the summer of 2009, and this became apparent after I saw that the summer of 2013 was their four year anniversary. That means they started dating when Jess was eighteen years old because she is current 25. In fact, after years of study, she became a registered nurse on her 25th birthday! That day came in July of 2016….

Dirk Koetter’s Wife Kim Koetter


Dirk Koetter’s wife Kim Koetter celebrated their 27th anniversary in 2016. They married in 1988 when Dirk was coaching Texas-El Paso. She used to play volleyball at Idaho State. When they met, Kirk was coaching high school football at the high school he attended. A coach at Idaho State actually introduced them, and they started dating. They had four kids over the years. Their youngest son Davis still lives with them in Tampa, while the…

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