Brennan Poole's girlfriend Lindsey Giannini

Brennan Poole's girlfriend Lindsey Giannini just found out that she will be advancing to the Miss America Pageant. Lindsey is a sweet lady who does a lot of stuff outside of dressing up pretty and being congenial. She even gets together with girl scouts to tell them not to text and drive. I'm referencing a picture of her standing with a sign that reads "stay alive: don't text and drive" while being surrounded by a group of Brownies (or whatever junior girl scouts are called). Lindsay was also wearing a beauty pageant crown, but I think she just did that to get the girls' attention.

Lindsey is the official Miss New Jersey, which means her days are filled with doing community-type stuff to show people how dynamic she is, but she does also get time to kick back. I saw a very goofy picture of her hanging out with her family while they were all dressed to look like characters on Game of Thrones. They did that solely to watch the show and get in the mood. Brennan Poole's girlfriend Lindsey Poole has traveled to Vegas with Brennan, and they've also hit up Disney World and frequently go to sports games. You gotta' remember LIndsey is only 21 years old, though she has a mature, womanly air about her.

Lindsey's also a big fan of pizza, and I think it's probably her favorite food. She talks about it quite a bit, and she's even gone to the trouble of finding new and bizarre modifications of pizza such as the "pizza cake," which is about 4 layers of pizza turned into a kind of thick amalgam. It looked disgusting but it was an interesting picture. I'm fairly certain Lindsey group up in South New Jersey, which is pretty different from North New Jersey. It's more rural and has lots a lot of woodland, whereas the northern part of New Jersey is the opposite and has a lot of sub shops. Lindsey's company is called PADD, and I'm not sure if it's a company or just a non-profit, but it's meant to end "distracted driving." That means anyone texting or talking on the phone better watch out for Miss New Jersey!

08/01/15 (Updated)

Sean Payton's girlfriend Skylene Montgomery

Sean Payton's girlfriend Skylene Montgomery was recently spotted with him at the ACM Awards. It's always weird to me that they called it the "Academy" of Country Music. Like, okay we went from the original Academy in ancient Greece with Aristotle and Socrates and Plato as members to having an Academy for country music. It would be pretty awesome if the members of the ACM are really distinguished intellectuals and scholars.

So what we do know about Sean Payton's girlfriend is that she was the 2008 Miss West Virginia, and she immediately parlayed her Miss WV title into dating Kenny Chesney back in 2008. She's obviously hot, but she also runs a fitness day camp for kids (or at least she used to back in 2008 when that aspect of her life was reported on). There's a bit of a pattern between Sean and Kenny as their dating Skylene goes-- both were rebounding recently off of long-term relationships. Back in 2008, Kenny was coming off a long relationship with a girl named Allison Stewart, and now Sean Payton is coming off a divorce in which his ex-wife took half. Sometimes you need to just date a West Virginian beauty queen.

The one consistent aspect of Skylene Montgomery that we can tell you about is her love of fitness. In particular, she loves to run. This keeps her looking slim and nice. Much of her social media presence is devoted to looking good and how to work out and how to eat right. It's standard fare for beautiful women who have made careers out of their looks. In Skylene's case, I like that she helped kids to stay fit. She still might maintain that business, and she certainly seems to know a lot about it-- her Pinterest account is littered with information about proper techniques and tips. She may want to write her own tips about how to score rebounding famous dudes.

08/01/15 (Updated)

Don King's wife Henrietta King

Don King's wife Henrietta King passed away in December of 2010 after having been married for fifty years. According to reports, Henrietta King passed away after a length battle with a number of conditions. In the immediate wake of her death, less scrupulous websites falsely reported that Don King had been shopping for engagement rings with his girlfriend. The site that reported it quickly retracted the claim and said it was false.

Don King is a polarizing figure, that's for sure. It's not for me to say if he's a good guy or not, but when the entire boxing community essentially turns its back on you after years and years of claims, one has to wonder what it's all about. Well, this was never a concern for Don King's wife Henrietta King. After her death, Don said he'd lost his best friend. She always declined to be interviewed and was by all accounts the exact opposite personality type as King-- that is, she was a decent person who didn't have an unending stream of B.S. pouring out of her face.

It's always sad to hear about someone being in a hospice, and that was eventually where Henrietta, whom Don called "Henry," ended up before her death. She would never accompany him to boxing matches, preferring a very quiet life away from any travel or glitz. It should be noted that Henrietta opted to stay with Don after he was convicted of murder and sentenced to some jail time. He spent three and half years in the clink before getting out and deciding on a career of ripping off professional boxers full-time.