Arthur Blank’s Wife Angie Blank

Arthur Blank's wife Angie Blank - ESPN

Arthur Blank’s wife Angie Blank married him in 2015. They originally became engaged in 2014. A few local newspapers took note of the engagement at the time. Arthur is technically the stepfather of her three children. They all came from her previous marriage and are all grown. Arthur himself divorced his ex-wife Stephanie after sixteen years. Angie gave her daughter a brand new Lotus back in 2014 right before the marriage. Daughters certainly enjoy bright red convertibles as…

James Starks’ Girlfriend and Sister

Who Is James Starks Girlfriend? -Instagram

Who is James Starks’ girlfriend? Well, if he is with someone, he keeps that on the down low. But, he loves to show off his sister on social media. He’s a cool dude who loves his family. He makes sure to spend time with them when he has the time. He posts pictures of his two brothers, one of whom just graduated from middle school. James visits his sister in Texas when he can, and…

Shaq Mason’s Girlfriend Sabrina Gonzalez

Shaq Mason's girlfriend Sabrina Gonzalez - Instagram

Shaq Mason’s girlfriend Sabrina Gonzalez gave birth to their daughter Kamrie in August of 2014. This changed Shaq’s outlook considerably, according to him. ESPN wrote about the birth a few months after it happened. He said he felt it was like “gameday” right before the birth. Before he entered the NFL, he lived with Sabrina and her mother in Tennessee. He adopted the viewpoint, quite rightly, that college football was a means to an end. Both Sabrina…

Eric Rowe’s Girlfriend Vanessa Soto

Eric Rowe's Girlfriend Vanessa Soto Instagram

Eric Rowe’s girlfriend Vanessa Soto posted pictures dating back to August of 2012 on her social media. Since that came four years ago, I deduce Eric and Vanessa met in college. When they attended college, they used to do couple activities like ice skate. Vanessa even shared a photo of a ticket to an ice skating rink they went to. Vanessa also dabbled in photo shoots and modeling in July of 2013. I don’t think this…

Kyle Van Noy’s Wife Marissa Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy's wife Maris Van Noy - Instagram

Kyle Van Noy’s wife Marissa Van Noy is a beautiful model who married Kyle in 2014. She received fairly significant attention from the internet around the time they married. Local BYU news reported on the marriage because there’s not much else to talk about locally. The other reason it appeared newsworthy is because she won Miss Utah a few years back. I watched a video on Youtube of Kyle and Marissa playing foosball before their wedding….

Jonathan Babineaux’s Wife Blair Babineaux

Jonathan Babineaux's Wife Blair Babineaux - MySpace

Jonathan Babineaux’s wife Blair Babineaux is the same woman whose dog he killed. I can confirm this based on an old 2007 ESPN article. In case you don’t know this ancient story, I will briefly review it for you. Way back in 2007 when Jonathan was but a youngster, he got into an argument with his girlfriend. After the argument ended, she went to a movie. When she came back, she found her dog with a massive…

Alex Mack’s Wife Alyssa Mack

Alex Mack's wife Alyssa Mack - ofalls

Alex Mack’s wife Alyssa Mack traveled to Machu Picchu with him in February of 2014. That’s a pretty exotic travel destination for a couple. However, the Macks have a big bank account and off-season travels are lots of fun. This couple also does not have children. Randomly, the couple attended a documentary premier in July of 2016 for a movie about a man named Steve Gleason. It’s about a football player with ALS that chooses to live an…

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