Chuck Blazer's girlfriend Mary Lynn Blanks

Chuck Blazer's girlfriend Mary Lynn Blanks is a former soap opera star from the shows "All My Children" and "As The World Turns." She appeared in the 1980's, and for a woman born in 1952, she looks great now. She can be seen in a lot of the photographs Chuck posted to his blog which, by the way, is pretty incredible. This guy has had himself an amazing life. But I'm going to do my best to focus on his girlfriend now, and a lot of the stuff that she's done recently coincides with what he's done since they're together a lot,... and no I'm not talking about any of the recent allegations levied against him.

Mary Lynn has had the good fortune to travel all over the world with Chuck and meet some of the coolest and most interesting people on the planet. How about meeting Nelson Mandela for one? Actually Mary can be seen with Chuck (who always looks like a cartoon character) in a private plane with Nelson Mandela sitting next to them and drinking from a classy whiskey glass. Mary also attended the Super Bowl in one of those exclusive boxes, and Curtis Martin was there, having been recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Chuck also met Vladimir Putin in some kind of official office/living room-looking place. I have no idea if Mary was present at that one. There's also a picture of Chuck's girlfriend Mary Lynn Blanks excitedly stretching her arms out with Chuck at Disney World in 2011.

Most of the other blog-fodder is kind of boring and is all FIFA and CONCACAF events and meetings, etc. Mary is more in the social-gathering pictures. She likes to dress up with Chuck on holidays like Christmas and on Halloween, where she dressed up as Princess Leia while Chuck was dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, riding a mobility scooter. Mary was also witness to their pet parrots hatching two baby parrots. And while they live a fun lifestyle, surely though Mary will be by Chuck's side as he battles his colon cancer, while putting himself directly in the middle of the FIFA corruption scandal as an informant for the federal government.


Joe Lacob's girlfriend Nicole Curran

Joe Lacob's girlfriend Nicole Curran recently gave an interview to a wine website in which she talks at considerable length about drinking, wine, and the booze industry. It turns out she's pretty involved wine and has been her whole life. She first started by working for La Jota Vineyard, where she lived and worked right at the vineyard in Napa and represented them in sales and marketing. She was like that chick Stephanie in the movie "Sideways" that Thomas Haden Church picks up at one of the vineyards. She then went on to work for LVMH and represented a bunch of champagnes. When asked if she was drinking as much champagne as she was selling, she responded "I was drinking that stuff all the time! I basically got paid to drink for a living."

The whole story of how Joe Lacob's girlfriend Nicole Curran first met him is based on her working for LVMH and revolves around wine. So she was in Pebble Beach, he meets her and says it's cool she's in the wine business because he has a favorite wine but he can't remember what it is. He then asks for her email and says he'd like to know what she thinks of it after he remembers it. Nicole said of that, "I thought that was a bit strange, and definitely one of the more interesting pick-up lines." So he eventually emailed her and told her his favorite wine was 1982 Latour, to which she responded immediately "That's too bad. The 1982 Lafite is so much better."

All of that happened before Lacob bought the Warriors. Joe Lacob's girlfriend admitted she was a bit bummed out about him buying the franchise because she was looking forward to his retired life where they'd be able to travel around to places like France and Italy trying out wines and checking out vineyards. Then she kind of hedges and says the whole thing's been amazing and wouldn't trade it, etc. I believe what she says though because she's always at the games and looking quite fine. I'm not sure if she drinks wine during her time courtside. Someone will have to have a wine-tracker on her. Apparently James Harden got into it with Nicole after he thought she flipped him off, but she had been flipping off a referee and now her and Harden are buddies. I recommend checking out her full interview if you're interested in her.

05/26/15 (Updated)

Dan Gilbert's wife Jennifer Gilbert

Dan Gilbert's wife Jennifer Gilbert is the founder and CEO of a company called Doodle Home. This company was recently acquired by another company called Dering Hall, and Jen made a personal statement on the old website for her company that said Doodle Home had not only been acquired but that she'd joined Dering Hall's Board of Directors. So now Doodle Home is being "redirected into a new venture called Amber Engine."

We can't really talk about Dan Gilbert's wife without talking about her business. So from what I understand, both Doodle Home and Amber Engine are "portals" for online retailers and manufacturers of all things having to do with interior design. So originally Doodle Home was a way for interior designers (both professional and amateur) to look at products and lump them together with other products. In a write-up from, Doodle Home was described as "an extensive online resource for interior design," and "professional members have access to exclusive tools to collect, store, and order products as well as the support of a Designer's Assistant to manage the ordering process on their behalf."

Hey, if this isn't up your alley, then I guess you wouldn't have much to talk about with Jennifer, because this is her life now. But let's back up and talk about her life before her booming business. By the way, the Doodle Home office space in downtown Detroit is really nice, and it's in Detroit's Madison Theatre Building (owned by Dan Gilbert).

Jennifer graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor's in interior design. She's now 45 years old and has raised five kids with Dan Gilbert. She basically put interior design on hold to raise her kids, but after they grew up enough to give her some free time, she realized interior design wasn't optimized like other industries had been with software and the internet, so that's where the motivation to start Doodle Home came from. Jen's pretty smart, and her website and company are a huge success. She's also involved in the Gilbert Family Neurofibromatosis Institute and serves on their board. The point of that is to eventually find a cure for nuerofibromatosis. She's very busy.