Russell Okung’s Girlfriend Samar Mekhail


Russell Okung’s girlfriend Samar Mekhail just got engaged to the big guy. She’s a real estate agent in Miami. I’m sure she’s successful because who wouldn’t want to buy an apartment from this chick? She’s gorgeous. Samar grew up in America although she was  born in Egypt.  It’s always interesting to see beauties like Samar dating guys like Russell.  That’s not a knock on the dude, at all.  But are they together for his fame?  Mutual friend?…

Vin Scully’s wife Sandi Scully


Vin Scully’s wife Sandi Scully listened to Mr. Scully sing a song to the crowd on his last night as a broadcaster. He does indeed have a memorable voice. It may be the most recognizable voice in baseball. Sandi loves him deeply too. She was emotional when he talked about his farewell to the fans, and she had her arm around him when he sang to them. It was a very sweet gesture indeed. Vin…

Dexter Fowler’s wife Darya Aliya Fowler

Dexter Fowler's wife Aliya Fowler

Dexter Fowler’s wife Darya Aliya Fowler is the mother of their daughter, Naya. These are two cool people, from what I can see. They also appear to try very hard at parenting. However, their daughter gets a bad rap from Darya. In September, she shared, “Today, I genuinely disliked my child. She hit me, yelled at me, told me to ‘go away,’ and wouldn’t stop whining. Dropped her off to school and looked forward to it….

Daniel Murphy’s wife Victoria Ahern Murphy

Daniel Murphy's wife Tori Murphy - Facebook

Daniel Murphy’s wife Victoria Ahern Murphy gave birth to their first son in March of 2014. Prior to the birth, they married in 2012 and began dating in 2007. Since they are both Florida natives, they return to the state often. Tori grew up wailing softball pitches and eventually earned a scholarship to North Florida. When Tori finished her softball career and got pregnant, she became an assistant coach for a Florida high school. Her father was…

Anthony Rizzo’s girlfriend Chelsea Smith


Finding out who Anthony Rizzo was dating involved the all-important team & wives fashion show. These things are gold mines for figuring out who’s dating who, and that’s what we do. Anthony Rizzo’s girlfriend is a young, family-oriented girl. While I get that on first glance, let’s delve deeper. And in a moment of candor, we’ll admit off the bat that it does appear we’re operating on older information here, and that Mr. Rizzo &…

Jose Fernandez’s girlfriend Maria Arias


News came out early September 25, that Jose Fernandez has died.  Initial stories were unclear if Jose Fernandez’s girlfriend was with him at the time.  Later reports revealed he was on board with two friends. Details are very spotty as of this writing. But, it appears Andy Slater of 940-AM WINZ, first broke the news stating on Twitter: “Horrific news to report this morning. Multiple people inform me that Marlins’ pitcher Jose Fernandez was killed in a…

Alex Smith’s wife Elizabeth Smith (Barry)

Alex Smith's wife Elizabeth Smith - Twitter

Alex Smith’s wife Elizabeth Smith (Barry) is a former Raiders cheerleader. The star QB and captain of the cheerleading squad is an American fairy tale told over and over again. That said, it’s not very often that different teams employ said cheerleader and quarterback. While the Elizabeth’s Raiders and Alex’s then 49ers were close in proximity, it’s still a little surprising to see them connect. How that happened we might never know. However, we do know that Alex…

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